Welcome Brother Joel Tiago – A Future African Leader Award Recipient


Joel Tiago Recognized As a Future African Leader by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Internationally acclaimed divine healer, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, founded the Future African Leaders’ Foundation. As the driving force behind Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is on a mission to spread the Word of God, far and wide. As part of his global mission, he was inspired to create the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation. Pastor Chris is the founder and President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc., and charges the organization with the task of finding solutions to problems across Africa by empowering, recognizing, and collaborating with impressionable young African minds. These young men and women have displayed incredible qualities and unique abilities as they tackle the many challenges facing African countries.

Joel Tiago Takes Centre Stage at Khomas High School

The Future African Leaders’ Summit is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of Africa’s future leaders. In 2016, Joel Tiago was the recipient of the Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA), for his invaluable contribution to empowering the youth of Namibia and its surrounding countries. Joel assisted in multiple community development projects, alongside African leaders who have passionately pushed for change within their societies. FALA was conceived in 2014, and provides a global platform for Future African Leaders. On February 7, 2017, Joel Tiago of Namibia took to the stage as he led a Future African Leaders’ Summit at Khomas High School, in Windhoek Namibia. The summit hosted 103 learners, in addition to members of the LRC (Learning Representative Council) and schoolteachers. The conference showcased multiple speakers who impressed upon the learners the need for inspirational change and education across the African continent.

An Inspirational Force to Africans Everywhere

Khomas High School – Joel’s Alma Mater, was filled with song and dance as the school choir energized the audience. To conclude the conference, Joel Tiago delivered a powerful message to the delegates. One which resonated with the learners by charging them to be the best that they could be and applying their knowledge for the betterment of mankind. Joel pushed for innovation and excellence in all that the young Africans put their minds to. For his part, Joel certainly walks the walk and talks the talk. He has directly impacted the lives of some 1 million high school students and youth across Portuguese countries like Angola, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Namibia.

About the Future Africa Leaders Conference

The Future African Leaders’ Award is charged with exploring and developing the leadership potential of young people in Africa. It celebrates and supports those who have demonstrated their strong leadership abilities by way of their generational influence. The program is geared towards empowering youths to become leaders of Africa with all manner of educational development such as grants, scholarships and leadership training. The program has been running for several years, and the latest winners from 2016 include Joel Tiago of Angola, Enoch Afotey of Ghana, Brenda Foreman of Cameroon, Jacob Wisdom of Nigeria and Karen Musodza of South Africa, among others. This fantastic initiative was made possible by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and devout Christians that are part of Believers’ LoveWorld.


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