Meet Brenda Formin Fuen – A Future African Leaders’ Award Recipient


Believers’ LoveWorld And Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Recognize Brenda Formin Fuen

The Future African Leaders’ Awards is a celebration of the ingenuity, innovation and leadership of young African people across the continent. Recipients of these awards are deserving of praise, support, and recognition at the highest level. Many of the recipients of this prestigious African award are members of Believers’ LoveWorld, but not always. Inspired by the passion of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to make Africa a better place for all, he uses his tremendous influence to inspire young minds from Cape Town to Cairo. The 2016 winner of the Future African Leaders’ Award was Brenda Formin Fuen of Cameroon. At the tender age of just 19, Brenda embarked upon a journey of change. She began by giving herself to her community, to improve lives and the environment. Since the age of 15, Brenda worked with teenagers on all manner of issues including youth development initiatives, youth camps, leadership training courses, and school clubs.


Tackling the Hard Issues

Brenda was never one to shy away from tackling the hard issues head on. Among her many ambitious objectives are decreasing crime rates, curbing unemployment, and reducing teenage pregnancy. Brenda works feverishly to enlighten youth on many issues including leadership development, career aspirations, health issues, and academic prowess. Of equal importance to her was remodeling the environment, and the development of social awareness. All the activists that worked alongside Brenda to realize her vision are just as indispensable as her, and their contribution is certainly worthy of praise. Overall, Brenda’s tireless work directly impacted 17,718 high school students across 17 schools during 2016. Her powerful words and visionary ideas were adopted by high-level stakeholders, police officers, educational administrators, teachers and students alike. While she was attending National Guidance Counseling Day, her outreach initiatives positively affected 7,000 people.


A Titan in our Midst – Brenda Formin Fuen

As a young African leader, Brenda has not shunned those on the other end of the spectrum – the prisoners, or the forgotten generation. She offered seminars to some 700 prisoners, by instilling in them the merits of education and personal development. To date, 50 prisoners have now embarked upon educational initiatives and volunteer teachers are now assisting them in completing their education. Two libraries have been established in the prisons as a result of Brenda’s work to inculcate an academic mindset in society’s lost and forgotten enclaves. Christianity is central to the outreach work that she performs. Thanks to the inspirational words of miracle worker and devout Christian leader, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Brenda has been able to spread the Word of God far and wide. She has been instrumental in donating some 1,000 academic books and Christian reading materials to libraries in schools, prisons, and orphanages around Africa. She’s unrivaled in her commitment to improving the lives of African people, and a deserving recipient of the Future African Leaders’ Award.


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